The Game

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The first human colonies in outer space may come in 5 or 50 years. It will certainly be a fascinating adventure. But do not expect grandiose cities of science fiction movies first. In a decade or so, technology will have progressed, but not that much. Sending payload to space is expensive. And space is incredibly hostile. To stay weeks, month and years, you need a living space for your astronauts, you need to protect them from radiations, you need to produce food, you need to keep them healthy and sane, you need to manage the temperature, and have enough energy to go through the night. That is 12 hours on Mars but 15 days on the Moon. That’s tons and tons of payload to put on top of your precious rockets.

Rocket lift-off in Outer Space Shack Space Center – actual game footage

For sure, you can build locally, but the first manufacturing on other planets will be quite simple: you can realistically move space dust around (regolith), maybe even cook simple bricks in your solar oven., that will help you shield from radiations But do not think you will, in the first decade, produce aerospace-grade material to extend your station.

So you will organize extreme recycling: a close loop for organic matters comes first. Worms may be some of the most valuable passengers of the first march mission. You will also fix and mend as much as you can the precious hardware sent from earth.

View of a space base by night with modules opened -actual game footage

Keeping your space settlers sane will be a world in itself. The first pioneers will be lucky if they share with 3 or 4 people the inside space of a small airliner. Still, with some fresh food, some private space, toilets and maybe even a shower, your space shack will be a haven in the cold dark space, exorbitantly luxurious compared to the spacecrafts your astronauts boarded.

Rocket arriving near Moon base – actual game footage

It will be hard work, and incredible fun.

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