The next game – The Green Filter

    As an indie developer, I find inspiration from the most unlikely of places. When I mentioned to my daughter my intent to design a game centered around environmental challenges, she was quick to point out my own eco-sins: “You never turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth!” She declared, questioning my credibility on the subject. Whatever my virtue, the issues are important enough to create an engaging game that addresses them.

    I aim to craft The Green Filter a turn-based 4X strategy game, reminiscent of titles like “Civilization,” that delves into a nation’s journey through upcoming decades. Players will grapple with dwindling fossil fuel reserves, the ramifications of a heating planet, and the multifaceted consequences these bring.

    Core Mechanics:

    • Public Sentiment Dynamics: Your strategic choices will either bolster or weaken your nation’s economy, thereby influencing your overall strategic prowess. Concurrently, the well-being and optimism of your citizenry will rise or decline. This, in turn, affects civil stability, productivity, and population growth. Players can even opt to implement birth control measures; however, such decisions might adversely impact the morale and happiness of the population.
    • Resource and Energy Management: This element of the game intricately models pivotal sectors tied to energy, carbon emissions, and land use. These sectors encompass agriculture, transport, heating, concrete and metal production, mining, and power generation. Players face strategic trade-offs across these sectors, emphasizing the intricacies of balancing resource extraction and energy demands.
    • Dynamic World Interface: The gameplay unfolds across a vast tile-based world, each tile spanning approximately 5x5km. A region the size of France, for instance, would be depicted as a 200×200 tile map. Instead of micromanaging every tile, players manage major infrastructure projects—ranging from nuclear installations and high-speed railways to urban hubs, mining endeavors, sea-rise protections, and national parks. Players also have the discretion to legislate specific developments and to define policies and infrastructure for primary urban areas.
    • Technological Advancements: Players can opt to invest in cutting-edge technologies or obtain them from external nations. The focus here is on authentically mirroring contemporary technologies while anticipating forthcoming innovations.
    • Defense Strategy: As the global landscape shifts, maintaining a formidable military to protect one’s nation is of paramount importance. With global tensions rising, neighboring nations may be tempted to encroach upon your territories.

    In “The Green Filter”, players’ choices have tangible outcomes. They’re tasked with steering a nation through the intricate maze of challenges and opportunities that arise as our planet stands on the precipice of monumental change.

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